About Us


Mi gran Esperanza AC born in 1994 when a group of volunteers went to support child and their families to the old Civil Hospital in Guadalajara, they realice the particular necessity that shows the children with cancer count with an institution that can provide the peace of mind of get economical support, considering the cost of the oncologic medication. They form a little group that propose not just to support as well economicly this children.

In 1995 Mi Gran Esperanza builds a civil association and it converts in a foundation that provides spiritual, psicological, material and economical assistance to children with cancer and their families.

Who We Help?

We support children and Young people sick of cancer 0 to 21 years old that has limited resources and they are attended in the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara.

Our Mission

Contribute to the phisical, emotional, and spiritual health recoverness to our children and their families, through love and necessary resourses that give them hope and a better quality of life.

Our Vision

Increase the rate of survival childhood cancer.


Culture of excelency

Intervention model

Intervention model is structure in four areas of attention, which one is designe to give an answer in an integral way to the children that are a part of Mi Gran Esperanza there´s not one more important of other, all are important. Each child that enter to Mi Gran Esperanza have secure each one of the elements of the model, which consists in the next areas:

  • Health
    • Treatment
    • Catheters
    • Medical studies
    • Radiotherapy with throttle at the line
    • Prosthesis and implants
  • Material
    • Bbridgehouse
    • Transport of hope
    • Foreign transport ( patient and a accompanging)
    • Funeral expenses
  • Phsycological
  • Spiritual
    • Baptism, confirmation, first communion, marriage.

Admission / egress profile

  • Admission
    • Children and Young people 0 to 21 years old with a diagnostic of cancer or their derivatives. From the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara, and when the familie have low resources.
  • Egress
    • Treatment finished
    • Discharge of the hospital
    • Decease
  • Re-entry
    • Relapse of the patient.



Administrative Offices

  • Center of atention to patients and families.
  • Conducting campaigns, bazaars, workshops, bridge house and some events of the institution.

Calle Juan Alvarez No. 237 Colonia Barranquitas
Guadalajara, Jalisco Downtown. 

How to get there?


Mi Esperanza Hospital

At present on its fase 1:

  • External consultation:
    • Ophthalmology
    • General Adult Medicine
    • Gynecology
    • Pediatrics
  • Clinical Analisys laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Optics
  • Cataract surgery, pterygium, chalazion
  • Check-ups

More information

Governance and staff


Lic. Carlos Torres Arellano

General Management

Lic. Maria Teresa Medrano Urrea

Administrative Department

Lic. Carlos Augusto Pérez Matrín

Institutional Development Department

Lic. Silvia Peña Ramirez

Social Work

Externo - Lic. Laura Isabel Mares Aragón

Social Work

Interno - Lic. Sinaí Lepe Lazaro

Communication and Volunteering Department

Lic. Adriana del Rio Quintero

Linking Department

Lic. Angélica Contreras

We Convert Your Help into Hope

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